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BQ HeatCore DDG Extruder Kit

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              3D Printer Parts - BQ HeatCore DDG Extruder Kit

3D printers which are compatible with this DDG Extruder Kit;

  • Witbox 1
  • Hephestos 2
  • Hephestos 2016
  • Hephestos Prusa i3

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€ 139,90 tax including.
€ 115,62 tax exclusive.

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BQ HeatCore DDG Extruder Kit: High quality 3D printer extruder

The extruder from bq is known for its outstanding quality.

In order to allow users of other printers benefit from perhaps one of the best extruders of this moment, this bq extruder is now available as part.

Also suitable for application in DIY.



Designed and developed by BQ, the HeatCore DDG extruder provides greater tractive force, which reduces the risk of blockage and enables you to print with a wide variety of filaments, such as PLA, bronze, wood, copper and even flexible materials like FilaFlex.


All the necessary material for impeccable printing results

  • Reaches the printing temperature rapidly
  • Quality control and testing by the BQ technical team
  • 40 W 12 V ceramic cartridge heater
  • Integrated 100 K thermistor
  • PTFE tube to reduce friction


Extruder mechanics

Own design extruder with Double Drive Gear traction setting and filament guide to maintain compatibility with flexible or soft filaments, Fin heat sink with axial fan, Printed cooling blower, Hot-end designed for easy maintenance, 0.4 mm nozzle , 1.75 mm filament


BQ Extruder also suitable for the Mendel 3D printer kit

Especially for people who build a Mendel and want to enjoy the quality of the BQ extruder, we have modified the  X-carriage of the BQ Witbox to a Mendel version.
The BQ Heat Core Unibody extruder can be easily mounted on it.


Open Source; Share, improve, evolve

We believe in co-creation and Open Source Initiatives. Therefore, you can download the Mendel Carriadge .stl file.

Use it, correct it if desired and share it again with others!
If you want to modify the file please let us know, we will send you the step to file, for free off course.


DIY_DownloadsDIY Mendel X-carriage


Box content BQ HeatCore DDG Extruder kit.


Full extruder body: 
Stepper motor
Fin heat sink with axial fan
100 K NTC thermistor
40 W ceramic cartridge heater
Hot-end with mechanical internal PTFE and brass nozzle

Extruder Support

Black powder-coated steel extruder support for the usual Prusa i3 models (including the Prusa i3 Hephestos).

Extruder Cable Kit

  • 4-wire cable for Nema 17 motor with JST connector
  • 2-wire cable for extruder thermistor with 2-pin female connector
  • Crimped cable for fan and blower with sleeve terminal 
  • Crimped cable for cartridge heater with sleeve terminal