BQ 100k NTC Thermistor (version 2)


BQ 100k NTC Thermistor

used in all BQ'S 3d printers(except the WITBOX GO!)

This 100k NTC Thermistor is suited for both the original BQ Extruder hot-ends (Classic) as well as the DDG Extruder Hot-Ends (Hephestos 2 and Witbox 2).
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BQ 100K NTC Thermistor V2

Temperaturmessung für hohe Temperaturen und kurze Reaktionszeiten.

Data sheet

Nominal Resistance
100 kohm
Lower category temperature (°C)
Higher category temperature (°C)
Thermische Dissipation factor (δ)
~1.3mW/°C (air)
Thermal time constant (τ)
~15s (air)

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