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bq Hephestos 2+Heated bed kit


                      BQ Hephestos 2+ Heated bed kit

The Hephestos 2 3D printer, a DIY kit with all options of its bigger brother the Witbox 2. With the addition of th eheated bed kit your 3D printer is even more versatile. You can print with even more materials, such as;  

  • PLA, ABS, PP
  • Flexible filaments (FilaFlex)
  • Co-Polyesters (XT,HT)
  • Specials (Wood,Copper,Bronze)

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BQ Hephestos 2 DIY: Professional printing with a maker spirit

bq Hephestos 2 3D printer


The latest Updates, Firmware, drivers and profiles for your BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos 2 can be found here>> 


The Hephestos 2 can be assembled in less than an hour

This 3D printer is from packaging to guide to 3D printer sofisticated and well thought out. The assembly time compared to all other 3D printer kits out there is exceptional. 

Our designers team builds the Hephestos 2 in less than an hour.

bq hephestos 2 3D printer

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Heated bed kit BQ Hephestos 2: Make it even more versatile

Heated bed kit bq Hephestos 2 3D printer

Heated bed kit for 3D printing more materials

If you would like to extend your possibilities with your BQ Hephestos 2 3D printer than this kit is your answer. Adding the heated bed to your 3D printer makes it possible to explore an even wider range of filaments, filaments that require a heated bed.

Heated bed kit content

Heated bed kit BQ Hephestos 2 3D printer


Add the heated bed kit to your Hephestos 2

Follow the below link for the step-by-step instructions setting up your heated bed kit on your Hephestos 2 3D printer.

>> go to the guide


A DIY 3D printer with professional results

This Hephestos 2 is the second DIY (Do it yourself) 3D printer. Hephestos is based on the Prusa i3, one of the most popular models in the RepRap community. With this version, the Hephestos 2, BQ evolved the Prusa i3 to what it is now; a professional 3D printer, remaining the spirit of the original. BQ has chosen a new design that resulted in a larger printing volume, reaching (X) 210mm x (Y) 297mm x (Z) 220mm. With this it is comparable with our top model, BQ Witbox 2  

bq hephestos 2 3D printer

Materials and design of the Hephestos 2, the key to stability.

The Hephestos 2 is a highly stable 3D printer. In order to achieve this, the plastic parts - known from the Prusa i3 - all are replaced by metal parts. The use of aluminum and steel provide a professional finish and a more robust construction. These materials are combined with semi-transparent polymethacrylate parts that partially cover the internal printer mechanism. In addition to the three points of support, the printer also has an retractable leg which moves on the Z-axis in order to adjust the height and stabilize the 3D printer.

bq hephestos 2 3D printer

bq hephestos 2 3D printer 

3, 2, 1… DIY en Print!

The goal was to enable you to assemble the Hephestos 2 and have it ready to use in less than 2 hours. The components are designed with this thought; limit the amount of additional components to a minimum and optimize the packaging for the convenience and familiarity of the components. The end result is a DIY 3D printer with elegant lines and a fast and efficient installation.

bq hephestos 2 3D printer


Your imagination comes alive with the Hephestos 2.

The Hephestos 2 can print 3D objects with the majority of the materials available on the market, such as bronze, wood or copper filament. This is due to the new extruder, which is designed 100% by BQ and includes a double drive gear traction system. This component consists of two gearwheels that press and pull the filament along through the Hot-End with optimum grip and traction.


Filament for the Hephestos 2

this way the Hephestos 2 can easily print with flexible materials like FilaFlex.

Filament PLAFilament BronzeFilament copperfillFilament woodfillFilament FilaFlex

       PLA            Bronzefill        Copperfill        Woodfill           Filaflex


New inductive sensor for maximum precision

To achieve flawless results, the extruder must always work at a certain distance from the bed. The Hephestos 2 includes a new inductive sensor that measures this distance very precisely. The sensor consists of an electric coil which generates a magnetic field. When the bed moves closer to the field, the sensor detects this and lets the user know when it has reached the correct position via a small red LED. This mechanism allows an accurate and tight manual alignment for great results. It also comes with an auto-levelling option, where the sensor measures the angle of inclination and adjusts the movement of the motors accordingly to achieve a perfect print, even on a sloping surface. 




100% BQ electronics for the Hephestos 2

All the main components of the Hephestos 2 are integrated into a single board: the Zum Mega 3D. This component - developed by BQ - contains new features and a micro-USB connector. It also improves heat dissipation and control of the motors of the printer. In addition, the electronics for the operation of the new graphic LCD have been developed by BQ with an even more intuitive interface to simplify the user experience.

 bq hephestos 2 3D printer

Open Source; Share, improve, evolve

With BQ, we believe in co-creation and Open Source Initiatives. BQ contributes its knowledge to the Technological Heritage of Humanity, so people can use it, let it grow and share it again. We believe that knowledge is unlimited, and that's why both the firmware and the hardware of the Hephestos 2 are 100% open source.

bq hephestos 2 3D printer


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Weight 15kg
Control LCD screen with rotary encoder and push-button navigation
Power source 220 AC 12 DC 100W
Thermistors in extruder 100k
Heater cartridge 40W, 12V
Bars Hard chrome bars for the X and Y axes
Levelling 3-point printer base system with damping
Number of extruders 1
Design extruder BQ
Nozzle 0.4mm
Software type Open Source
SD card reader Yes
SD card 4GB
USB port Yes
Filament diameter 1.75mm